When I was 24 years old, I founded the inspirational jewelry company, Speechlust Inc. It revolved around unique, powerful words that reminded people of their core beliefs and aspirations. Speechlust became an instant hit, landing features in Elle, Huffington Post, Chatelaine and LouLou. It also garnered recognition from HGTV’s Tiffany Pratt, Jeanne Beker and Arlene Dickenson in its first year. However, as the business grew, I was forced to spend more of my time on fulfillment and marketing and less on dealing directly with my customers. I felt that the further I was from customer relations, the less I enjoyed my business. I knew that my passion didn’t lie in the jewelry itself, but in the emotions and deeper meanings that my customers would share about their chosen word.
 That is when I pivoted to a career in construction and development, an area that had always fascinated me. As I coordinated commercial buildings and assisted with branding and marketing strategies for residential developments, I yearned for the personal relationships that I initially experienced with Speechlust. Looking for a way to combine the best of both worlds led me to where I am today - a company that brings together my passion for design with my love of working closely with my clients.
Courtney Chilton Creative Spaces was born from my ongoing mission to help individuals feel their best in rooms that ignite their energy and with branding that illuminates their business’s core values.